Can I Transfer Money From Paytm Wallet To UPI?

How can I transfer money from Paytm wallet to Paytm without fees?

Steps to Send Paytm Money to Bank AccountOpen the Paytm app.Tap on ‘Passbook’.Select ‘Paytm Wallet’.Select ‘Send Money To Bank’.Tap ‘Transfer’.Enter the amount & bank details (Account No.

IFSC code etc.).Confirm the transfer.Money is transferred successfully..

Does Paytm charge extra for bank transfer?

Paytm offers you a platform to pay or transfer money through different modes of payment. While money transfers from one bank account to another are free of cost, there is a 5% convenience fee for transferring money from your Paytm wallet to a bank account. … Hence, Paytm wallet to bank transfers are chargeable at 5%.

Is Paytm wallet and Paytm bank same?

Your current Paytm Wallet will now move to the Paytm Payments Bank Limited in the same capacity i.e. KYC wallet as KYC wallet and minimum KYC wallet as minimum KYC wallet. You continue to use the Paytm Wallet as before without any changes.

Can we transfer Amazon pay balance to Google pay?

How To Transfer Amazon Pay Balance To Paytm, Google Pay. Step 3: The app gives you an option to add a bank account, and all add any payments account or wallet like Paytm or Google Pay. Step 7: The money transfer from Amazon Pay to Paytm/Google pay will be completed shortly.

Can we transfer money from Paytm to Amazon pay?

Neither you can transfer money directly from Paytm to Amazon Pay. But YES, You can indirectly shop or transfer money from paytm to amazon pay, using third party App or Amazon Gift Cards. ( Surely you can transfer money from your Paytm wallet to Bank Account, then you can shop on Amazon from your bank.

Does Paytm charge for transactions?

“The banks and credit card companies charge a fee for loading money into the Paytm wallet from any of these sources. The 2% charge is passed on to customers, who use credit cards for adding funds to their wallet. … All such transactions will also continue to be free of cost for our customers,” the spokesperson said.

What is the limit of Paytm wallet?

Rs. 10,000Paytm wallet has a basic monthly limit set by RBI. This means you cannot keep or spend more than Rs. 10,000 in your wallet in a month.

How much does Paytm charge for UPI transfer?

Right now there are no charges associated with either setting up an account with Paytm UPI or using Paytm UPI for money transfer to any other bank account or payments to merchants. NPCI has indicated that it will charge Rs. 0.50 per transaction. Paytm is not charging the users right now.

Can I send money from Paytm wallet to Google pay?

Open your Paytm app and follow the steps mentioned below to transfer money from Paytm to Google Pay account. Tap on UPI Money Transfer located on the top bar. Type the UPI ID of the recipient Google Pay account, which can be found on Google Pay app’s home screen, just below the account user’s name.

How can I send money through Paytm wallet?

To do so, follow these steps:Open the Paytm app.On the app home screen, tap on the ‘Pay or Send’ option.Tap on the “Mobile No.” option.Enter the mobile number of the person to which you want to pay or send the money. … Enter the desired amount.Tap on the ‘Send Money’ button to proceed with the payment.

Can we send money from PhonePe to Google pay?

Transfers using PhonePe wallet can only happen between PhonePe customers. You can send money from your Bank account using PhonePe, only if your bank is live on UPI. If your bank is live on UPI, you can send money from your bank account to anyone who linked their bank account to any UPI-Enabled app.

What is Paytm gift wallet?

Paytm Gift Wallet Balance. Paytm Gift Wallet Balance. Now You Can Get Paytm Gift Wallet Balance Directly on your registered Paytm Account. You can use Paytm Gift Wallet Balance to Do Mobile Recharge, Bill Payment, Flight Booking or transaction on any merchant store available on Paytm Network.

Can I transfer money from Paytm to PhonePe?

Direct transfer from paytm to phonepe isn’t possible. … You can do wallet to Paytm bank and after that, you can link your Paytm account to phonpe using UPI and add money using UPI in the same Phonepe account (mobile number).

Can I use Paytm wallet without KYC?

A. Minimum KYC is required for using Wallet. Without minimum KYC it is still possible for you to use Paytm for UPI money transfer and make purchases using credit/debit cards and net-banking.