Can You Reinstate A Deregistered Company?

How much does it cost to reinstate a company?

a completed application for administrative restoration (form RT01) a cheque for £100, payable to ‘Companies House’ any outstanding documents, such as accounts or confirmation statements (previously annual returns) any filing fees or penalty payments..

How long does it take for a company to be deregistered?

To complete the entire deregistration process (notifications to interested parties) takes 3 calendar months, whereafter a notification will be posted to the applicant (called a final deregistration letter). CIPC also publishes a list of all entities that have been finally deregistered on its website.

How do I reinstate my business? can help.Identify any outstanding state fees your business owes.Obtain the correct reinstatement forms on your behalf.Review your completed reinstatement forms.Submit your reinstatement forms to the relevant state agencies.Notify you once your company is reinstated.

How do I reactivate my deregistered company?

It is only the company or close corporation or its duly appointed representative that can file the annual returns.Step 1: Assessment. … Step 2: Deposit funds. … Step 3: Re-instating the company or close corporation.Re-instating by court order. … Apply for re-instatement of your company by submitting a CoR40.5.More items…

What does deregistered mean?

deregister in British English (diːˈrɛdʒɪstə ) verb. to remove (oneself, a car, etc) from a register.

What happens if your company is deregistered?

Normally once a company is deregistered: it ceases to exist as a legal entity and can no longer do anything in its own right. … any legal proceedings in which the company is a party cannot be continued (in so far as they relate to the deregistered company) you cannot start legal proceedings against the company.

How long does it take for ASIC to reinstate a company?

28 daysOnce we’ve received full payment and an application has been lodged with us, it may take up to 28 days for a decision to be made. You may need to take this timeframe into consideration as the company won’t be able to conduct business until it has been reinstated.

Can I register a company and leave it dormant?

A dormant company is simply a company that is ‘not trading’, so if you register your company under your chosen name and don’t start trading right away, you can leave it in its dormant state.

How do I get my business name approved?

MCA RUN (Reserve Unique Name) Company Name Approval Process. The complete name of proposed name, including suffix like (OPC) Private Limited / Private Limited / Limited, should be submitted at the time of application for approval. Also, the object of the proposed Company is also to be submitted through RUN application.

How do I reinstate a deregistered company at CIPC?

Changing the Status of your CompanyStep 1: Write a letter to CIPC. The letter must include the following statement confirming that: … Step 2: Prepare supporting information. … Step 3: Scan and e-mail. … Assessment. … Step 2: Deposit funds. … Step 3: Apply for re-instatement of your company. … Step 1: Register as a Customer. … Step 2: Deposit funds.More items…

Can a deregistered company enter into a contract?

Once a company is deregistered it loses its legal personality. The company’s directors cannot make any decisions in respect of its company or its property. This means that the company can no longer own property, or enter agreements or carry on legal proceedings.

Can I use a deregistered company name?

If the entity is a company, then you can register the company name. … When a company is deregistered, an application for registration of another company with the same name as the deregistered company is permitted.

Why would a company be deregistered?

ASIC may deregister a company if we believe the company has ceased trading or has outstanding fees and penalties. This includes: the company has not paid its annual review fee within 12 months of the due date. the company has not responded to a Company compliance notice or.

How do you check if a company is deregistered?

How do I check if a company is registered?Click on the “status search” bar and enter the first few letters of your company of interest. … Register as a CIPROZA user. … On the menu, click on the status search again and then click “get” and select the organisation from the list that pops up.

How do I check my CIPC status?

Document statusVisit the CIPC website in with your customer code and password.Click on “On-line transacting”Click on “Additional services”On the left menu, click on “Customers”, and then on “Document Status”