How Are Digital Assets And Digital Footprints Related Quizlet?

How do you create a digital asset?

How to create a digital assetCreate a subnetwork containing the nodes that will define the behavior of the asset.

Right click the subnet node and choose Create digital asset.

A dialog appears that lets you name the asset and decide where to save it.

Click Accept..

What does digital mean?

relating to, using, or storing data or information in the form of digital signals. involving or relating to the use of computer technology.

What are the 6 questions that will help you monitor your own behavior with digital communication?

Would I️ like someone to share that about me? Do I️ know this person well enough to know if he or she will mind me sharing this information? Would I️ do it say this in person, or if my family were watching? Am is doing this because of an emotional reaction?More items…

What does it mean when company information is confidential and proprietary quizlet?

What does it mean when company information is confidential and proprietary? … The use of information technology to harm or harass others. Who should you report cyberbullying to? Parents, teachers, school staff, or police. What can happen to a student that are involved in cyberbullying?

Which technological improvement did the assembly line bring?

The technological improvement that the assembly line brought a) greater productivity. An assembly line is “a manufacturing process in which parts are added as the semi-finished assembly moves from workstation to work station where the parts are added in sequence until the final assembly is produced.

What is considered a digital asset?

In the simplest terms, a digital asset is content that’s stored digitally. That could mean images, photos, videos, files containing text, spreadsheets, or slide decks.

Which of the following are examples of digital assets quizlet?

Terms in this set (16)digital footprint. all of the information online about a person. … digital asset. textual content, images, and multimedia that the creator must have the right to use.examples of digital assets. Email, Music, status updates, social media profiles.Strong passwords. … malware. … Hacking. … Worms. … Computer virus.More items…

When was MySpace born and revived?

August 2003: MySpace – Then and now: a history of social networking sites – CBS News.

How can I hide my digital footprint?

Top Ten Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprint01 – Delete or Deactivate Old Shopping & Social Network Accounts. … 02 – Remove Yourself from Data Collection Sites. … 03 – Use Stealth or Incognito Mode – or Even Tor. … 04 – Deactivate Old Email Accounts. … 05 – Check Your Privacy Settings. … 06 – Add Extensions or Plug-Ins.More items…•

What are the 2 types of digital footprint?

A digital footprint is data that is left behind when users have been online. There are two types of digital footprints which are passive and active.

What is a digital footprint and why is it important?

A digital footprint is your online identity and individuality and is what makes you unique. It is builds the online reputation, or impression depending on the things you do online. It is important to be aware of it because anything posted online is permanent and stays there forever regardless of being deleted.

What does the location in a URL identify?

What does the location in a URL identify? The location of a URL identifies where to find a resource on the host.

What company introduced the first on device application store?

The popularity of Apple’s App Store led to the rise of the generic term “app store”, as well as the introduction of equivalent marketplaces by competing mobile operating systems: the Android Market (later renamed to Google Play) launched alongside the release of the first Android smartphone (the HTC Dream) in September …

Which is the biggest and most direct effect of the Internet?

Which is the biggest and most direct effect of the Internet? It has drastically improved communication. … Which explains why the Internet can help people make better economic decisions? Information is crucial for making good decisions.

How are digital assets and digital footprints related?

A digital asset can contain textual content, images, and multimedia. A digital footprint is all of the information on-line about a person posted by that person or others, _______________.

What are examples of digital assets?

Examples of digital assets include:Photos.Videos.Design files.Word documents.PDFs.Company branding.Presentations.Marketing content and collateral.

What does a digital footprint do?

Your “digital footprint” includes all traces of your online activity, including your comments on news articles, posts on social media, and records of your online purchases. When you know the boundaries of your digital footprint and take steps to contain it, you can help protect your identity and your reputation.

What is not considered a digital asset?

No. A digital asset can contain textual content, images, and multimedia.