How Can I Get Unifi Mobile SIM?

How can I get Unifi mobile?

You can sign up for a free sim by registering for an account with the Unifi Mobile app which can be downloaded via AppStore or Google Play.

You can collect it for free at your nearest TM outlet or you can have it delivered to you for a fee of RM10.


Is Unifi unlimited data?

Unifi Mobile prepaid now offers unlimited data for RM35/month.

How fast is Unifi mobile?

While Celcom, DiGi and Maxis all had 4G Download Speeds above 14 Mbps, U Mobile and Unifi’s average 4G connections were below 7 Mbps….Download Speed Experience Supporting Metrics.4G Download Speedin MbpsU U Mobile3 (± 0.02)U Unifi1 (± 0.02)9 more rows

How much is Unifi monthly?

Our Fibre Broadband plans at a glance.EntertainmentQuota100Mbps + unifi Plus Box RM189 per monthBundle with unifi TV Ultimate Pack FREE unifi Plus Boxunlimited data100Mbps RM129 per monthunlimited data30Mbps + unifi Plus Box RM149 per monthBundle with unifi TV Ultimate Pack3 more rows

Is Maxis Fibre better than Unifi?

Faster Speeds with Maxis Fibre Broadband New Unifi customers are able to sign up for a maximum speed up to 300Mbps while Maxis are offering speeds up to 800Mbps to the same customers. Irony: The high speed broadband (HSBB) fibre network (used for Unifi and Maxis Fibre) is operated by Telekom Malaysia (TM).

How do you use a Unifi SIM card?

Activation is easy, just insert the SIM into your mobile phone or device to activate it.For self-collection and delivery, your SIM will be activated upon SIM connected to unifi network.Otherwise, your SIM will be auto-activated 30 days from the date your SIM was collected.More items…

How do I keep Unifi mobile active?

How do I keep my line active? It’s simple. Just make any outgoing usage, reload or purchase any of the add-ons within 90 days from your last purchase and (or) usage date.

How can I pay my Unifi mobile bill?

1 – Click on Pay & Transfer.2 – Click on Make a one-off payment. 3 – Click on Pay From and choose your options. 4 – Click and select Jompay. 5 – Biller Code is 3608. … 7 – Your mobile 9 digit account number. 8 – Enter the bill amount to be pay. 9 – Skip this if you have no intention to choose a date to make payment. (

Why is Unifi WiFi so slow?

Channel width is the most common cause for poor speed test results after setting up UniFi, especially when being compared to a single wireless router the UniFi devices are replacing. … We do not recommend that channel width be increased from 20 MHz on 2.4GHz as this will often cause worse performance.

How do I register my Unifi SIM card?

The port in process is as below:Download mobile@unifi app.Tap “Get New Sim Card” in the options menu.Register to keep existing number.Follow the registration steps and select “I Want To Keep My Existing Number”.Reply “Yes” to our confirmation SMS in order to proceed.Receive a new SIM card.More items…

Is Unifi mobile good?

Unifi Mobile doesn’t have a good 4G LTE coverage nationwide, in some cases, even worse than U Mobile and Yes4G. Its even worse indoor as the Telco probably has zero or very limited number of 4G in-building coverage in shopping malls and buildings. However, Unifi Mobile customers could always roam on Celcom 3G network.

How do I pay my Unifi bill?

All you need to do is to login to Self-Care, click on your profile tab and go to “charges”. Once you clicked on “make payment”, you will be redirected to payment page. You can choose your payment method: credit card, or online banking account (login to your online banking is required)…

Can Unifi mobile hotspot?

According to Unifi’s community page, the 999GB LTE hotspot pass is available to all Unifi Mobile postpaid customers that are on their higher-tier plans. The plans include Unifi Mobile 99 at RM59 (with 12-month contract), Unifi Mobile 99, webe RM79 and Unifi Mobile Pek Jasa/Senior Citizen Plan.

How do I get Unifi prepaid?

How do I get #BEBAS?Download & register via mobile@unifi app.Get your SIM card delivered, or pick it up yourself.Personalise your plan with Add-Ons.

How can I get 1gb free Unifi?

(exclude Traveler Pack) ▪ Simply launch your mobile@unifi app and click ‘Buy Now! ‘ under ‘Data’ tab. You will find your complimentary pass with the name “Free Daily 1GB”. Click on the “Free Daily 1GB” to claim your complimentary pass.

How do I check my Unifi prepaid balance?

Like *100# @Wintertiw, You could just scroll up where ztron already mention that the only way to check your balance is to download app mobilecare@unifi for postpaid and mobile@unifi for bebasplan/prepaid.