Question: How Do I Know If Someone Is Stealing My Mail?

What do I do if my mail has been tampered with?

You may report an incident of Vandalism* to the U.S.

Postal Inspection Service by submitting a vandalism complaint online or by phone at 1-877-876-2455 to report mail theft or a vandalism incident.

*IMPORTANT: If the vandalism or a fire is in progress, please call your local Police Department or 911 to notify them..

Is it illegal to open someone else’s mail with my address?

No, it is illegal to intentionally open someone else’s mail. However, if you accidentally open a stray piece of mail that ended up in your mailbox, it’s not technically a crime. Can I keep mail delivered to me by mistake? If you receive mail addressed to someone else and keep it, you’re still committing a crime.

How do I report someone stealing my mail?

Filing a Mail Theft Complaint. Report to the Postal Service by phone. You can call the U.S. Postal Service at 1-800-275-8777. Be prepared with your notes so that you can provide the person with relevant information.

Is it a federal offense to steal mail?

One obstacle not mentioned in the motto is a mail thief, perhaps because when someone steals mail, the federal government steps in. Theft of mail is a federal crime, a felony that could result in prison time, the loss of the right to vote or hold public office, and significant fines.

What to do if you suspect someone is stealing your mail?

If you feel your mail is being stolen then first file an official complaint with the magazine publisher, then your local post office, and finally with your local police that will investigate and pass the matter up the chain of command to federal authorities.

How do you stop someone from stealing your mail?

Follow and share these tips to help protect yourself and others against mail and package theft.Promptly pickup mail. … Deposit mail close to pickup time. … Inquire about overdue mail. … Don’t send cash. … Arrange for prompt pickup. … Use Hold for Pickup. … Request signature confirmation. … File a change of address.

Does the mailman pick up outgoing mail?

Letter carriers can pick up mail as they make their deliveries if the flag is up. It falls within the size and weight restrictions of the class. … These items cannot be be picked up by a letter carrier or deposited in a collection box.

Why would my mail not be delivered?

There could be a few reasons. If you live in cold climate with snow and ice, that may delay or even hold back delivery. If the side walk has not been shoveled or the ice not salted or sanded, for safety reasons we can hold the mail until safe to deliver. No mail box or access to box is blocked say due to contruction.

What is it called when someone steals your mail?

What is mail theft? Mail theft is a felony that occurs when someone steals, takes, or abstracts your mail. Mail thieves can mine your mail for cash and checks, and also to obtain personal information that can be used to commit identity theft. … Types of personal information thieves can collect.

What is the punishment for tampering with mail?

In the United States, mail tampering is also a federal crime with hefty punishments – each ‘act’ can earn you up to three years in jail and/or a fine of up to $USD 250,000 ($AUD 364,000).