Question: How Do I Know My Billing Address?

Can I use a fake billing address?


You cannot change stores, and even if you were to somehow able to get to the US store, you couldn’t use it because you could not provide the information I mentioned before.

Changing stores requires a credit card, and the billing address has to be verified through the credit card company..

Does the name on a credit card have to match the billing address?

No the name on the card does not have to match the billing address. … The name on the credit card does not necessarily have to match the owner of the credit card account. However, the credit card number needs to match the billing address on record.

Does Amazon send anything to billing address?

They won’t send anything to your billing address. Your billing address on amazon is the address that your debit/credit card/bank account is registered at. The bill generated by Amazon which you will receive via mail have this address. This can be saved for future uses or claiming warranty.

Do companies check billing address?

When a company asks for the billing address associated with your credit card, it’s part of a security measure to help reduce credit card fraud. … Your billing address and identity will be matched to the name and address on file with your card issuer in a process called Address Verification Service (AVS).

Where do you find the billing address on a credit card?

You can confirm that by checking the payment stub version of your bill – your billing address should be there. However, many credit card holders opt in for paperless billing. If that’s also the case for you, you can find your billing address on electronic statements you’re getting from your card’s issuer.

What is the billing address you use for this bank account?

Your billing address is the adress requested when you add a new payment method. The address you associate with your credit card must be the same as you gave to your bank to be accepted.

Can you use a credit card without billing address?

Original question: “Where can you use a credit card without a billing address?” … You may use the credit card at just about any establishments that accepts your card without revealing your billing address, such as stores, supermarkets, servos, restaurants, and many others.

Why do they ask for billing address?

The request for a billing address is to prevent credit card fraud. They want to ensure that the billing address matches the billing address of your credit card. The credit card billing address is where your credit card bills or credit card notification are sent. … Having your billing address with associated is 1.

Does it matter if billing address is wrong?

If you get the billing address wrong, the credit card company will usually reject the payment request, even if it is a single letter/digit off.

What is numeric portion of street address?

AVS verifies the numeric portions of a cardholder’s billing address. For example, if the address is 101 Main Street, Highland, CA 92346, in the United States, AVS will check 101 and 92346.

Is billing address necessary?

Yes. For credit card verification you must enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement.

Does Amazon require billing address?

We don’t need the billing address, only the ship-to. Customer privacy comes to mind.

How do I check my billing address?

How to successfully verify a billing addressConfirm that there are no missing characters or misspellings in the name and address you entered, and that the card number you are entering is correct.Make sure that the billing address you are entering is the same billing address that is on file with your card provider. … Enter only the street address on line 1.More items…

What is billing address example?

Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such a card. It is also where companies send paper bills and bank statements. … For example, if your billing address is: 123 Main Street, Somewhere, CA 94000 it would check the ‘123’ in the address and the ‘94000’ zip code.

Do I need a billing address for steam?

Steam asks you for billing address because of their policy under their terms and conditions. It’s mandatory for any company complied by law depending upon the country to acquire the billing and shipping address of the consumer if the consumer purchases any goods and service from e-commerce sites.

Can I have two billing addresses?

Yes, you can use a different billing address for different Cards. However, you can only have one billing address per Card.

How do I change my billing address?

Here are four ways you can easily update your billing address with your credit card issuer.Write the new address on the back of your payment coupon.Call customer service.Make the address change online.File a change of address with USPS.

What do I do if I don’t have a billing address?

Original question: “What do I do if I don’t have a billing address?” … Yes, you may use your post office box address as your billing address, or your office address, or your friend’s home address.

Why does it say my billing address is wrong?

If you receive an “Address did not match” error when adding a Visa or MasterCard debit card, it means the information you entered may not be verifying correctly with your credit card’s issuing bank.

Does billing address matter online order?

Yes. For credit card verification you must enter your billing address exactly as it appears on your credit card statement. However, the shipping address you wish to ship to does not need to match your billing or credit card address.

What’s the billing address for a Visa card?

A billing address is the address associated with your credit or debit card account. When you apply for a credit card online, for example, the address you include on your application will become your billing address.

Does billing address matter for debit card?

A billing address is the address connected to a specific form of payment, which is typically a credit or debit card. Companies use the billing address to verify the authorized use of such a card. … Billing addresses must match what the card issuing bank has on file, or the attempted purchase may not go through.

Is Billing address same as mailing address?

Mailing addresses are the address where you currently receive mail. Billing addresses are the address on the credit card that is being used to place the order. The mailing address and billing address will be the same for most people. … When the “bill to” and “ship to” addresses are different, please click here.