Question: How Do I Take Photos For My Blog?

How do I take pictures for my blog?

7 ways to take better photos for your blog + social mediaCreate an image template first.

Take photos during the day.

The white background photo.

Look for things with your brand colors.

Use a selfie stick.

Shoot video.

Shoot from a bunch of different angles.

Most importantly – edit..

Do bloggers take their own pictures?

A lot of bloggers don’t have their own photographer—sometimes using a friend, boyfriend or husband is much more convenient anyway. Be your own creative director. Test out a few angles first, then show whoever is taking the photo an example and have them take it of you. Use a self timer or remote.

Can I use screenshots in my blog?

Posting unaltered screenshots of software, websites, computer/video games, etc., is generally considered fair use (with proper attribution), as long as it does not damage the commercial value of the product. … Screenshots for such purposes are widely regarded as fair use.

How do bloggers take such good pictures?

These are 5 things I do every time I take photos for the blog, and they have improved my photography immensely.Create the Best Possible Lighting Situation. … Use the Magic Formula: Tripod + Low ISO + Long Shutter Speeds. … Learn How to Tether. … Take Shots from Many, Many Different Angles. … Nail Down Your Editing Process.

What lighting do bloggers use?

Artificial lighting kit – $55 Natural lighting is the best for shooting blog photos. But if you work a full-time job and can’t catch any natural daylight, you can get this artificial umbrella lighting kit to mimic the natural daylight for your photos. It’s pretty nifty and crazy good for affordable it is.

Where do bloggers get their photos?

PhotoPin is an awesome photo download site for bloggers. They have millions of high-quality, creative commons photos that you can add to your blog posts easily. PhotoPin uses the Flickr API to search the web for creative commons licensed photographs.

How can I take pictures without a photographer?

How to Shoot Images of Yourself Without a PhotographerA Tripod and Remote Are Your New BFF. When shooting your own images, you’re going to want to invest in a remote and a tripod for your DSLR (don’t have a DSLR? … Location, Location, Location. … Focus. … Shoot Away. … Time to Edit.