Question: How Do I Use Telkom Wins Points?

How do I use my Telkom points?

How to Redeem Your Telkom Ziada Points.

Telkom Customers can redeem their Ziada points by dialling *126#.

Users can then choose what reward they want depending on the number of points they have.

You can get a device by visiting any of our Telkom shops countrywide..

Is Telkom really giving away phones?

Rumour has it we’re giving away phones as a gift… Hade boss, that’s fake news, we’d NEVER ask you to send money for your delivery. Please be careful so you don’t fall victim to these scams.

How do I join Telkom competitions?

Summer campaign competition ends 10 January 2021. winning is easy. Get a Telkom contract or Prepaid SIM and buy Monate bundles on *180# to stand a chance of winning your share of R100 million in prizes. *Standard terms and conditions apply and can be viewed at

Is Telkom giving away free data?

Telkom Mobile is giving away free data to a selected group of users through Twitter after its services were disrupted for most of Friday.

How long does Telkom take to approve a contract?

72 hoursIt takes up to 72 hours after you have sent all documentation required when applying for a contract.”

Why is Telkom LTE so slow?

You could be experiencing slow speeds due to your LTE data usage. … Up to 150GB of usage, you will be able to access the Telkom LTE network at up to 10Mbps high-speed. After 150GB of usage, you will be able to access the network at a standard 4Mbps speed.

What do you do with Telkom winz points?

MoWinz is a interactive USSD trivia game where users answer questions to score points. Each point is an entry into the draws a user qualifies for. Users can upgrade to VIP to earn more points or subscribe to a content service to enter additional draws.

How do you win Telkom WINZ?

1. Register and Start PlayingPlay via SMS: Message the keyword “Win” or “Play” to 30499.Play via USSD: *176#SMS sent to the allocated shortcode are zero-rated (no cost to the customer).More items…

What is Telkom Plus?

“Telkom Plus is a one-stop-shop for subscribers to discover the range of digital services available on the Internet,” says Gugu Mthembu, executive brand and product segment at Telkom. “[It is] designed to engage users and generate interest around VAS subscription services.”

How do I check my Telkom Mobile points?

How do I check my Ziada points balance? You dial *126# .

How do I cancel my Telkom subscription?

Once you are logged in to your Telkom profile, select Manage Accounts and click on the applicable account, then select Cancel. Fill in the required fields. You can select multiple services at once.

How do I speak to a Telkom agent?

Calling Telkom Directly. Call 10120 to speak with a customer service agent. This number will connect you with a customer service specialist who will help you with any general issue or concern. You may need to wait on hold for a few minutes, but they will handle any question or concern that you may have.