Question: Is Kinda Slang?

What does kinda like mean?

Originally Answered: Why would a guy tell you “I kinda like you” instead of “I like you/ I really like you”.

It usually means he has a main focus/other girl he’s hoping to be with.

He doesn’t want to commit to you if it’s possible he can have her..

Is kinda proper English?

In proper writing, ‘kinda’ is not a proper word and is not appropriate to use. In casual, familiar writing, such as comments, texts, personal notes, etc., ‘kinda’ is a slang word and is often used.

What is the meaning of kinda girl?

She has characteristics that are most attractive to me. Examples would be funny type of girl, serious girl, career oriented, family oriented, etc. See a translation.

What does kinda busy mean?

I’m kinda (kind of) busy will often mean that you are very busy and it’s best not to disturb you. Both can mean this.

What does I kinda miss you mean?

Referring to missing somebody in the present: “I kinda miss you” Referring to missing somebody in the future: “I’ll kinda miss you”/”I will kinda miss you”.

What does Yeah kinda mean?

..probably “yeah, kinda” (kinda = a little)

What does it mean when a guy says Kinda?

Connotation:- He’s being honest with you, but is also trying to be polite about it. “The park is nice, but it is… kinda… gloomy.”

How do you spell kinda?

adverb Pronunciation Spelling. kind of; rather: The movie was kinda boring.

How do you use the word kinda?

Kinda is used in written English to represent the words ‘kind of’ when they are pronounced informally. I’d kinda like to have a sheep farm in New Mexico. He looked kinda cool but kinda young.

Is kinda a Scrabble word?

KINDA is a valid scrabble word.

What does it mean I am into you?

In other words, you’re a computer buff. Another example: … Basically, she or he wants to know if the other person likes her or him (in other words, wants to know if the other person is interested in them romantically). Simply put, I’m into you is a slang way to say I love you.

What does kinda mean in texting?

Kind ofKINDA means “Kind of”.

What does kinda mean?

kind of—used for “kind of” in informal speech and in representations of such speechI feel kinda [=somewhat] tired. She’s spontaneous, a bundle of fun and kinda wild.—

What does I kinda love you mean?

Kinda is also said as kind of which means not all the way but a little. For example, if I am in my car and I approach a stop sign and slow down but do not make a complete stop, I would say I kind of stopped. But it’s not common to say you kind of love someone. If you do not fully love them, you would say you like them.

What does kinda cute mean?

She is pretty cute“Kinda” is slang/a short way of writing “kind of”. This is because when English speakers say “kind of” quickly, they do not usually pronounce a hard “f” at the end. “ Kind of” means a little bit, or sort of. “ Kinda cute” would mean “She is cute.” “ She is pretty cute.” “

What does kinda good mean?

To me “kind of good” means that it succeeds in some aspects but fails in others.

What is another word for Kinda?

What is another word for kinda?sort ofsomewhatquiterathermoderatelyfairlyrelativelyprettyslightlyreasonably71 more rows

How do u know if a guy likes u?

10 Signs He Only Kinda Likes YouHe texts you nonstop for a week, then disappears completely. … He likes your Instagram and Facebook posts, but he won’t initiate conversation. … He tells you he’s not ready to commit to anyone. … He prefers to hang out with you when you’re in a group.More items…•

Is kinda a slang word?

Meaning of kinda in English. used in writing to represent an informal way of saying “kind of”: I was kinda sorry to see him go.