Question: What Is Difference Between PAN Card And E Card?

How do I get ePAN?

How to Download ePAN by Acknowledgement Number?Step 1: Visit NSDL PAN portal to download the PAN card by Acknowledgement number.step 3: Enter the OTP and click on the “Validate” button to download your ePAN.Step 4: Click on “Download PDF” to download the ePAN instantly.Step 1: Visit the ePAN downloading portal.More items…•.

How can I get immediate PAN card?

Here’s how to get an instant PAN card using the facility:Open the e-filing website of the Income Tax Department.Click on the tab ‘Get New PAN’.Enter your 12-digit Aadhaar number.Submit the OTP generated on the Aadhaar registered mobile number.A 15-digit acknowledgment number will be generated.More items…•

How can I get PAN card online immediately?

1) Visit the income tax department’s e-filing portal and click on “Instant PAN through Aadhaar” section under “Quick Links” on the left side. 2) Click on “Get New PAN” on the new page. 3) Enter your Aadhaar number for allotment of new PAN card and the Captcha code to generate an OTP on your Aadhaar-linked mobile phone.

Is e PAN card valid?

Is e-PAN a valid form of PAN? Answer: Yes, e-PAN is a valid proof of PAN. e-PAN contains a QR code having demographic details of PAN applicant such as name, date of birth and photograph. … e-PAN is duly recognised by Notification No.

Can I use e PAN card for opening bank account?

Issued in just 10 minutes in a soft copy format, the e-PAN is equivalent to the laminated PAN card that we are used to. Having a PAN card is mandatory for several purposes like paying income tax, filing income tax returns (ITR), opening a bank account or demat account, applying for a debit or credit card, etc.

What is the fee for PAN card?

Rs. 93The charges for applying for PAN is Rs. 93 (Excluding Goods and Services tax​) for Indian communication address and Rs. 864 (Excluding Goods and Services tax) for foreign communication address. Payment of application fee can be made through credit/debit card, demand draft or net-banking.

What documents are needed for PAN card?

Documents Required for PAN Card Application by HUFs and Individuals (Being Citizens of India)Voter’s ID card.Passport.Aadhar card.Ration card having Applicant’s photo.Driving License.Photo ID card which are issued by central government, state government or any undertaking of public sector​More items…•

Who can apply for e PAN card?

2. Who can Apply For an e-PAN?You must be an Indian resident;You must be an Individual taxpayer (i.e. not a company or a HUF);You must not already hold a PAN;You must have an Aadhaar Card;You must have an active mobile phone number linked with your Aadhaar; and.More items…•

How many days will it take to get PAN card?

Usually, after submitting the PAN card, it  takes 15-20 working days to issue a PAN card. But now the Income Tax Department makes a provision to get a PAN card in 2 days.

What is PAN number?

permanent account numberA permanent account number (PAN) is a ten-character alphanumeric identifier, issued in the form of a laminated “PAN card”, by the Indian Income Tax Department, to any “person” who applies for it or to whom the department allots the number without an application.

How can I validate my signature in e PAN card?

Please follow these steps to verify the digital certificates and digital signatures received from trusted sources: Open the PDF file in PDF Converter Professional. Left-click on the Digital Signature field. Click “Verify Signature”. Click “Properties”.

What is E PAN card?

What is e-PAN? Answer:e-PAN is digitally signed PAN card issued in electronic format by the Income Tax Department using Aadhaar e-KYC.

How can I get PAN card in 10 minutes?

According to the Income Tax Department, it takes about 10 minutes to issue an e-PAN card through Aadhaar card under the instant PAN facility. So far, about 7 lakh PAN cards have been issued under this facility. The PAN Card is also issued through NSDL and UTITSL.

Which is best NSDL or UTI?

simply UTI, dont go or choose for nsdl because its a waste they will not deliver your pancard timely and handle it to some private courier company while at other hand uti will send it by india post which is trustworthy and you will definitely satisfy with india post.

How can I sign my PAN card?

The clarity of image on PAN card will depend on the quality and clarity of photograph affixed on the acknowledgement. Signature / Left Thumb Impression should only be within the box provided in the acknowledgement. The signature should not be on the photograph affixed on right side of the form.

How can I add my signature in e PAN card?

Steps to Update Photo and Signature in PAN CardSelect “Changes or Correction in existing PAN data” from the “Application Type” option.Select “Individual” from the “Category” menu.Now enter the “Applicant Information” and click on “Submit”Note the generated token number and continue with the PAN application.

Is e PAN card valid without signature?

Yes, to avail Online PAN Verification facility, Digital Signature Certificate is compulsory. DSC is required for making registration and verifying PANs online.

What is Pan card used for?

The primary objective of PAN is to use a universal identification key to track financial transactions that might have a taxable component to prevent tax evasion. The PAN number remains unaffected by change of address throughout India. WHO MUST APPLY FOR PAN?

How can I get PAN card in 2 days?

How To Get PAN Card Within Two Days?Step 1: Log in to NSDL website. Visit the NSDL website ( and select the appropriate form from the options provided. … Step 2: Select the type of form. … Step 3: How to submit the application for PAN? … Step 4: Track the status of your application. … Step 5: Get the PAN card within 48 hours.

Is email ID mandatory for PAN card?

It is mandatory to link Aadhaar with PAN card by December 31. The Permanent Account Number (PAN), which is a unique 10-character alpha-numeric number, is mandatory to be quoted for filing of income tax returns (ITRs). … This token number would also be sent on email Id (provided in the application) for reference purpose.