Quick Answer: Can I Have 2 Apple Pay Accounts?

Can you use two payment methods on Apple?

Using more than one payment method You can also combine payment methods to pay for your purchase.

Choose from the following combinations of credit cards and gift cards: Credit card(s) – up to two.

Apple Gift Card(s) – up to eight..

How do I add another Apple ID to my Apple account?

On your iPhone, open the Wallet app. Tap the add button . Tap Add Card, then Follow the steps to select Apple Card. If you’re asked to add the card that you use with your Apple ID, cards on other devices, or cards that you’ve recently removed, choose Apple Card.

What is Apple pay limit?

Is there a limit for Apple Pay? No. Unlike contactless card payments that limit you to a £45 spend, there is no limit for Apple Pay. It means you can pay for your weekly shop, or fill your car up with fuel, all with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Can you have two Apple pay accounts?

You can add multiple bank accounts to your ‌Apple Card‌, but the first one that you add becomes your default bank account for making payments.

Can Apple card have multiple users?

Unlike traditional credit cards that have multiple user or authorized users, the Apple Card remains to be the only one that you can’t grant other people access. Apple Card work exclusively with iPhone and an Apple ID which is unique because other platforms such as Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay are also unique.

Can you use the same credit card on two Apple ID accounts?

It is possible but no more than 3 different Apple IDs for the same credit card. If you need more than three (more members of the family or a small business with 4 or more people who need individual Apple IDs) you can use one or more iTunes gift cards instead of a regular credit or debit card.