Quick Answer: How Can Use Meeseva In Telangana?

How can I login to MeeSeva in Telangana?

Create profile IdDesired Login Id:*Password:*Confirm password*Mobile Number:* After Submitting the form an OTP will be sent to your registered Mobile No.Email:*Full Name:*Address:*Other State*More items….

What is Telangana ESD?

Mee Seva is a Government-to-citizen (G2C) and citizen-to-Government (C2G) services provided by the Government of Telangana . … The Electronic services delivery (ESD) provide 40 government departments and 600 private related services. The service completed 10 crore transactions in February 2018.

How can I get caste certificate in Telangana?

Application ProcedureStep 1: Application form of Telangana caste certificate can be obtained either online or offline process. … Step 2: Fill up the application form and enclose the required documents.Step 3: Approach any Meesava centre nearby and submit the application and documents along with the prescribed fee.More items…

Can we apply income certificate online in Telangana?

Application form for Income certificate can be collected from nearby Meeseva center by paying Rs. … Got o your Meeseva centre and submit the Application and documents along with fees. Meeseva operator will do online process. The applicant will receive a application number as acknowledgement.

How can I get family certificate in Telangana?

Apply Online:To apply for family member certificate through online, visit the following link: Apply Online.Please select “CITIZEN” option from the dropdown menu. … Now complete the registration form and click “Submit” tab.Now enter the OTP in the textbox and click “Submit” tab.More items…•

What are the documents required for income certificate in Telangana?

Documents RequiredDuly completed application form with Rs. 2 court fee stamp.Certification from two gazetted officers.Education records duly signed.Aadhaar Card.Address Proof (Voter ID, Ration Card, etc.)Rs. 10 non-judicial paper declaration according to G.O. 1551 and I.T return, if any or payslip.

Is Meeseva open on second Saturday?

eseva centers operate from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on all working days and 9.00am to 3.00pm on holidays. Second Saturdays and Sundays are holidays.

How can I get MeeSeva permission in Telangana?

Procedure for Registering New User Visit Mee Seva website home page and select Meeseva Online Portal, as shown below. Meeseva Online Portal Log in page is displayed, as shown below. Click New User Registration link as depicted below. After Selection of New User Registration, the Registration form opens as shown below.

How can I open MeeSeva Centre in Telangana?

You can visit www.tg.meeseva.gov.in to get more details also….Center Address:Fill your organization name.Give the door number/house number.Write the name of the street.Enter any nearby landmark.Select district for center.Enter the Mandal / village name.Fill your PIN / ZIP code.

How can I get 10000 in Telangana?

Apply For TS KCR GHMC 10000 Flood Relief Fund Scheme Following is the process to apply for Telangana flood relief scheme : First of all visit your nearest Mee Seva centre. Then you will have to go and collect the TS KCR GHMC Flood Relief Fund Scheme application form. Fill all the required details.

How can I apply for ration card in Telangana?

HOW TO APPLY FOR RATION CARD. … First Step: The applicant first has to take an application form. … Second Step: Click on MeeSeva Service Forms, there you get. … CLICKHERE>> http://tg.meeseva.gov.in/DeptPortal/Me. … Third Step: On given page, for downloading application form,More items…

What is caste certificate number in Telangana?

Hey, The Caste Certificate of evey state usually comprises of a fixed format in which the starting digits appears same in every certificate of a respective state but the end digits keep on changing. You just need to fill the last 6 digit available in you caste certificate in the column asking for it in the CAT form.

How can I get my birth certificate in Telangana?

To obtain a birth certificate in Telangana, the following documents must be submitted:Proof of birth of the child issued by the hospital or medical institution where the child is born (Letter from the hospital)Parent’s identity proof for verification.Parents’ birth certificate or SSC marks memo.More items…

How can I check my income certificate status in Telangana?

You can Apply for Income Certificate, Check Status of Your Income Certificate, Necessary Documents, Procedure and Fee Details through the same website of Telangana government.Concerned Department– Revenue Department.Concerned Authority– District Magistrate.Official Link– http://www.telangana.gov.in/More items…•

What is MeeSeva?

“MeeSeva” in Telugu means, ‘At your service’, i.e. service to citizens. It is a good governance initiative that ncorporates the vision of National eGov Plan “Public Services Closer to Home” and facilitates single entry portal for entire range of G2C& G2B services.