Quick Answer: How Do You Add An Access Code?

Where do I enter my access code?

Student access code registrationStudents enter the section URL — provided by the instructor — into their browser, enter their email address and click Begin (A).Next, students will register and create a Connect account.

They will then enter their access code (A) and click Redeem (B).More items….

How much is a connect access code?

The codes — which typically range in price from $80 to $155 per course — give students online access to systems developed by education companies like McGraw Hill and Pearson.

How do I use my McGraw Hill access code?

Registering with an access codeYou can register for Connect in a few simple steps. … After you’ve entered the section URL into your browser, you’ll be asked to enter your email address (A) and click Begin (B).Enter your information, agree to the terms and Continue (A).Enter your access code (A) and click Redeem (B).More items…

Do access codes expire?

Access codes are supposed to be set up to allow students to gain access to online content for the duration of the course. Also, it can vary, depending on the code. Access generally lasts for a duration of between 6 months and 2 years.

Where do you add discount code on next?

From time to time we send promotion codes to customers. To receive your discount, simply enter the code into the ‘Promotion Code’ box at the checkout.

How do I access my SmartBook?

After signing into www.MHEducation.com click My Account. You’ll find this located in the top right hand corner. Scroll down the page to My Digital Products. Press the Launch button next to the LearnSmart or SmartBook product you have purchased and you’re good to go.

Why can’t I access my Pearson eText?

If you’re having trouble signing in to your eText app or your bookshelf is empty after you sign in, you may have downloaded the incorrect app for your textbook. Most eText customers should follow the instructions in the Pearson eText: Get the Mobile App article to get the latest Pearson eText app for your device .

Can I download my Pearson eText?

Select the eText labeled “Downloadable.” In the eText, click on the Navigation Menu and select “Downloads for Offline Use.” Select the Unit you want. It will load. Do not close out or click Done so that you can go back to Pearson eTexts app and access for offline use.

How do hidden tickets work on Eventbrite?

Hidden tickets will not appear to attendees unless they have an access code. To hide a ticket, go to “Tickets” in your event and select your ticket type. Then, select “Advanced settings” and change the visibility to “Hidden”.

What is a connect access code?

An access code is a password you use to access course content online. The content you access depends on the course, but can include things such as practice exam questions, interactive videos to help you understand course concepts, and course assignments.

How do I get an access code for Pearson?

Option 2: Buy an access code from your school’s bookstore.Your school’s bookstore may carry access code cards for your Pearson product, either sold separately or packaged with your textbook.If you have trouble finding the right one, ask the bookstore staff or your instructor for help.More items…

How do I get an access code for Eventbrite?

Here’s how you do it:Log into your account.Select your event.Click “Discount & Access Codes” (under Marketing).Select “New Code”.Choose “This event only”.Select “Coded access to hidden tickets”.Choose the ticket(s) the code should reveal.Configure your access code.More items…

What is connect with SmartBook?

What is SmartBook? Within Connect, your students have access to SmartBook, an adaptive learning and reading tool that personalizes content to each student’s unique needs. Because SmartBook creates the ideal study path for each student, every minute they spend studying is the most effective minute possible.

What is connect access for textbooks?

ReadAnywhere allows students to download and read textbook chapters, take notes and complete SmartBook 2.0 assignments – even it they’re offline. Once their mobile devises are connected again, they can sync their assignments and notes by opening the app.

Can you add a discount code on Eventbrite?

Go to your event’s Manage page, select “Discount & Access Codes” under Marketing, select “New Code,” and choose “This event only” to get started. … NOTE: The steps below apply to creating discount codes that apply to one event within your Eventbrite account. Learn how to create discount codes for multiple events.