Quick Answer: What Was Behrman’S Masterpiece?

What makes you say so barons masterpiece?


Behrman’s Masterpiece was a single Ivy leave that was painted on the brick wall.

Behrman’s masterpiece was the picture of the leaves he drew.

Sue saidso because it was so real and was soconvincing to Johnsy that it was a real leaf, that it saved Johnsy’s life..

Why does sue call The Last Leaf Behrman’s masterpiece?

Answer: That is why Sue calls it a Masterpiece. It is because of this Masterpiece that Johnsy regains her will to live. Thus Behrman’s painting proves a Masterpiece in that it saves the life of a girl who has lost all hopes of recovery.

How did the masterpiece of Behrman play an important role in Johnsy’s life?

Behrman was a painter. He painted a leaf on the wall when the last leaf fell. This saved Johnsy’s life. Thus Sue played an important role in saving Johnsy’s life.

What is Behrman’s masterpiece How did the masterpiece of Behrman save the life of Johnsy?

Behrman had worked through the rain and snow to paint the leaf outside Johnsy’s window. As a result, he caught pneumonia and died. He sacrificed his own life to save Johnsy’s life through the means of his masterpiece – the last leaf painted on the wall.

Why was Behrman’s masterpiece called a masterpiece How did he come to make it?

Berhman’s masterpiece is the last leaf on the ivy creeper. Sue calls it a masterpiece because this painting rekindled the willingness to live in Johnsy’s heart and she was able to recover from her illness. Johnsy had eventually developed a fear that she would die when the last leaf fell from the ivy creeper.

What did the last leaf not fall?

The last ivy leaf had fallen during the night when it was raining and Johnsy was sleeping. Just then, Behrman painted a leaf in green colour. It looked like a real leaf. It did not fall because it was painted on the wall.

Why was the leaf painting a masterpiece?

behrman paints a leaf of the ivy creeper on the wall outside jhonsy room’s window. This painting proves a masterpiece. It looked so real that even Jhonsy, being an artist, couldn’t find that it was not a real leaf. That is why she called it a masterpiece.

What is the moral lesson of the last leaf?

The moral of the story the last leaf by o Henry is that even if we have to face bad things, we should always help our loved ones. The Last Leaf is a story with a lot of values. It is true that a real friend is one who helps you in need. In the story, Sue and Johnsy were good friends and artists.

Which tree leaves did Johnsy keep counting as they fell?

maple treeWhich tree leaves did Johnsy keep counting as they fell? A maple tree.

What did the doctor recommend for Johnsy to recover?

Answer. Answer: the doctors advised johnsy to get recover early because she haa post her bolo to live .

What was Behrman’s masterpiece and why?

Answer: Behrman was a 60-year old artist who had a dream to paint a masterpiece. His painting of an ivy leaf was his masterpiece which saved the life of Johnsy. It was such a painting that it was not easy to make out whether the leaf was real or it was just a painting.

How does the last leaf become Behrman’s masterpiece?

Behrman had worked through the snow to paint the leaf outside Johnsy’s window. He died from pneumonia. He sacrificed his own life to save Johnsy’s life. Thus, the last leaf painted on the wall became his masterpiece.

What happened to Johnsy who saved her life?

Johnsy was suffering from pneumonia. Her chances of living were one to ten. She had decided that she will die the same day the last leaf on the ivy vine in front of the window on the wall falls. Johnsy is saved by Old Behrman who was a model and who scoffed at softness.

How did Sue encourage Johnsy?

How did Sue try to encourage Johnsy? Ans: Sue tried to encourage Johnsy by telling her that she won’t die and that she had to live for the sake of her friends. She further pleaded with Johnsy to spare a thought for her as she could not live without Johnsy.

What is the greatest work of Mr Behrman made?

Didn’t you wonder why it never fluttered or moved when the wind blew? Ah, darling, it’s Behrman’s masterpiece – he painted it there the night that the last leaf fell.”

What is the masterpiece in the last leaf?

In “the Last Leaf,” the masterpiece is essentially Behrman’s final, grand artistic endeavor. In the text, we learn the old painter, despite being a failed artist, has always envisioned creating a piece of art that will distinguish him as a noted practitioner of his craft.

Who saved Johnsy’s life?

Behrman’sJohnsy said the last leaf still intact. It revived confidence and will to live in her. It was Behrman’s masterpiece. Behrman died of pneumonia but saved Johnsy’s life.