Quick Answer: Where Do I Claim USSC Padala?

How can I get my LBC remittance?

When you arrive at the LBC branch, get a number and fill our the Encashment form.Here is a sample of the form:Present the accomplished forms along with your valid IDs to the teller, and wait until your remittance is processed.

The cash will be given to you by the teller, along with a receipt..

Where can I claim my Western Union money?

Pick up cash at a Western Union agent location, or, depending on where you live, have it deposited directly into your bank account or mobile wallet. Cash: Visit an agent location near you with your government-issued ID. You’ll also need to ask the sender for the tracking number (MTCN). Find an agent location.

Can I claim Western Union in LBC?

LBC outlets will offer pay out services for transactions sent via Western Union® services at all of its over 1,400 locations nationwide, thus providing more convenience to consumers.

What ID is acceptable for Western Union?

Passports, national IDs, and residence permits are all acceptable. Step 4: Sign and date the confirmation form. Your signature must match the one on your photo ID.

How long can money stay in Western Union before pick up?

45 daysIn most cases, the money can be picked up within a few minutes after sending. If you do not pick up the transfer on the same day, it will remain in the system for the next 45 days. Money is not returned to Sender for 9 months after the date of sending, unless the Sender orders so.

How do I track my Western Union remittance?

You can check the status of your money transfer by clicking Track Transfer on our website. All you need is the sender’s name and the tracking number (MTCN).

Can I claim my Western Union in Cebuana Lhuillier?

Western Union serves customers globally from a fast-growing digital network of web, app, and the largest agent retail locations across the world. … Locally, customers will soon be able to send and receive money through Cebuana Lhuillier and may check the agent locator link for the status of their nearest locations.

Can I pick up Western Union without ID?

A: Yes. We need the MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number) and a valid government issued ID. Q: Can I pick up money without an ID? A: As long as the sender used a test question, and the clerk checked the “Pay without ID” box.

Can I claim USSC in Western Union?

Thanks to over 1,600 USSC stores and sub-agents located strategically all over the Philippines, Filipinos can simply send money through any Western Union location and their loved ones can immediately claim their remittance in the Philippines via USSC and its sub-agents in either Philippine Pesos or US Dollars.

Can I claim Western Union in M Lhuillier?

M Lhuillier’s network boosts the number of locations customers may access Western Union® Money Transfer services nation-wide by 2,500. … “We are very pleased to collaborate with M Lhuillier and welcome them back to the Western Union family.

How do I claim Cash Express Transfer?

How can the recipient receive the money in cash? He or she should visit any of the Cash Express agent locations; provide the 9 digit transaction reference number along with the valid ID and claim the money.

Can I receive Western Union to my bank account?

Cash to Bank Account Select ‘Update delivery method’ menu on WU.com and enter your tracking number (MTCN). Fill in your information and bank account details2. Share the link with your sender to complete the transfer. Your sender must confirm the change in the delivery method.

How do I claim money from Western Union Philippines?

How to receive money in the Philippines:Confirm the money’s ready for pickup. Track your transfer online. … Find a Western Union agent location near you.Take your tracking number (MTCN), valid photo ID and complete the Receive Money form.Sign the receipt and receive your cash.

How do I claim USSC Padala?

USSC:Open your USSC app with a fully registered profile.Select Western Union.Go to Receive tab.Select Panalo Wallet then identify PHP or USD wallet.Input MTCN.One-Time Password (OTP) will be sent to the recipient’s mobile wallet.Input OTP in the corresponding field to proceed.More items…•

How do I cash out USSC?

There are three ways to cash in, one is you can cash in at any USSC branch, second is you can transfer funds from your Panalo Wallet using your USSC Super Service App, and third is you can do bank transfer if you have a BDO, BPI, or Unionbank account.