Quick Answer: Who Is The Owner GTBank?

What is the mission and vision of GTBank?

About Guaranty Trust Bank Guaranty Trust Bank Plc.

The GTBank vision is to become a Platform for Enriching Lives by building strong, value adding relationships with customers, stakeholders and the communities in which it operates..

How do I contact GTB customer service?

Call our Interactive Contact Center (GTConnect) on 01448000, 070 0482 6663 28, 080 2900 2900, 080 3900 3900, 737 to speak with a Customer Service representative. Visit any GTBank branch to speak directly to any of our Customer Service Representatives.

Is innoson the owner of GTBank?

1. Based on the above background, the Writ of Fifa issued to Innoson does not empower Innoson to “take over GTB”. No. It does not also mean that Innoson now owns GTBank.

How much is GTBank owing innoson?

The Innoson Group vs GTBank fraud case involves claims where plaintiff Innoson Motors claims that GT Bank owes Innoson Motors a large sum of money that after 22% interest compounded annually over several years totals ₦8.9 billion.

Is GT Bank an international bank?

Guaranty Trust Bank PLC also known as GTBank or simply GTB is a Nigerian multinational financial institution, that offers online/internet banking, retail banking, corporate banking, investment banking and asset management services, with its head office in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Is Uba a private bank?

Private Banking Directory: United Bank For Africa (UBA) < Lagos Banks. As one of Africa's leading financial services institutions, with operations in more than 19 countries and 14,000 colleagues internationally, UBA offers opportunities for the best candidates to shine at every career level.

Where is GTBank head office?

Victoria Island, Lagos, NigeriaGuaranty Trust Bank/Headquarters

Who is the current owner of GTBank?

Segun Agbaje (Jun 22, 2011–)Guaranty Trust Bank/CEO

What is the net worth of GTBank?

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (GTBank) has released its unaudited financial statements for the period ended March 31, 2020. As always, we hereby bring you the key highlights from the earnings report. Total assets/liabilities: GTBank declared total assets of N4. 06 trillion for Q1 2020, as against N3.

Which bank is the richest bank in Nigeria?

Zenith Bank PlcThe richest bank in Nigeria is Zenith Bank Plc. This bank, over the last 10 years, has always competed with First Bank of Nigeria, over this first position. Not only is Zenith Bank the richest Bank in the country, it is also the best in the country.

How many customers does GTBank have in Nigeria?

8 millionGuaranty Trust Bank plc (GTBank) is one of the most profitable banks in Nigeria and Africa. It provides diversified financial services to more than 8 million retail customers through about 220 domestic branches, 44 e-branches and 1,165 ATMs nationwide.

When was GTB founded?

January 17, 1990, NigeriaGuaranty Trust Bank/Founded

How old is GTB?

30 years (January 17, 1990)Guaranty Trust Bank/Age

What is the meaning of nuban in Gtbank?

Nigeria Uniform Bank Account NumberNUBAN stands for Nigeria Uniform Bank Account Number. It’s a 10-digit Bank account numbering system first created in 2011. The Nuban account number is quite common today, even though the traditional longer account numbering structures still exist.